Sea Change Chardonnay, Italy, (An Environmentally Conscious Wine)

Sea Change Chardonnay, Italy, (An Environmentally Conscious Wine)

An innovative, environmentally conscious wine that will help save our oceans, one glass at a time. Sea Change wines support ocean conservation through direct partnerships with key ocean and marine focussed charities. 


Sea Change Chardonnay has a well-balanced structure and a soft, delicious finish. Easy-drinking and full of flavour, fresh citrus and tropical fruits dominate the palate, with notes of black pepper and lime pairing with a crisp, mouth-watering acidity.


The range has been designed with minimal packaging to reduce potential waste and to maximise its environmental credentials:

  • ‘Grape Touch’ labels have been used, which consist of 15% recycled grape waste with the remaining raw materials coming from FSC certified forests.
  • The Nomacorc Select Green closure is made from renewable plant-based polymers, resulting in the cork being fully recyclable.
  • No capsule covers are used on the wine to minimise unnecessary packaging and to enhance the ease of recycling.

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  • Country of Origin/ Region

    Selento, Italy 

  • Alcohol Content


  • Type

    White Wine 

  • Vintage


  • Vegan